Anthony Scodary

My name is Anthony, and this is my vanity website which is sort of like a resume for a job I’m not applying to.

I grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I went to college at Stanford in California, where I got a degree in physics and another in aerospace engineering.


I also edited the 109th volume of the university humor magazine called the Chaparral.

After college, I worked at NASA. I helped build and operate the Mars rover called Curiosity. I also worked on science missions to Jupiter and on Earth.

Anthony Scodary with Rover

After NASA, my friends and I started a technology company called Gridspace. We use artificial intelligence to understand and summarize spoken conversations.

I like space and comedy and building cool things.

I live in Los Angeles.


My email is my first name at my last name dot com.

Or Google me. I'm on LinkedIn and some of that sort of stuff.